Proposal For Promoting And Funding The Common Core Standards Essay

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The Powerball anticipation ended on January 13th, 2016 with three winners to split a record $1.6 billion jackpot. If I were the winner of even a portion of that amount, I would definitely devote my portion to my family, but most importantly to the career that has allowed me to make a difference in many students’ lives. I would want to change the world similar to Bill Gates by spending more than $220 million on the Common Core education standards (Elkind, P. pg. 50). Our education system has been at-risk since 1983, and the Common Core standards can make a change for the better (pg. 52). Mr. Gates’ rationale for promoting and funding the Common Core standards was to prepare and produce an educated workforce, one that would be considered “College and Career Ready” within all fifty states. Gates attempted to accomplish this by providing a rigorous and more focused reading and mathematics education (pg. 53). When introducing the Common Core to many large businesses, as well as to our society, many were against this movement while others embraced the competitiveness it brought to students across the nation. Whenever society is introduced to something new and innovative, there tends to be a panic. We tend to avoid many of the pros and only focus on the cons when discussing the Common Core.
The Common Core was presented by big companies, however it was also reviewed by other individuals that assisted with revisions (pg. 53). While many states had already adopted the Common Core, we…

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