Essay on Proposal For Lowering Bowie Resident 's Utility Bill

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Proposal For Lowering Bowie Resident’s Utility Bill
To: Bowie Mayor Scott Davis, Bowie City Council: Pct. 1 Jim Graham Pct. 2 Dana Hulstine Pct 2 Norman Vaughan Pct.3 Ben Wiseman Pct. 3 Wayne Bell, Bowie City Manager Ricky Tow, Bowie Economic Development, Bowie Public Works, Utility Billing Department, and Bowie Electric.
There are people who pay more money for their utility bill than their house payment or rent each month? The residents of Bowie, Texas do. Bowie Electric buys electricity off of Brazos Electric located within Bowie city limits and then sells it at a higher price. How is Bowie’s electric company able to do this you ask? Bowie Electric Company has a monopoly on the electric supply, restricting any outside energy providers to come within city limits and the city council is not willing to remove the restrictions. This allows them to set the price for energy at any amount they desire and if the bill cannot be paid, the electric gets cut off. This price results to be more than most residents in Bowie would like to have to pay, and has caused some to even put their homes on the market because they could not afford the rent/house payment being matched or less than the ever rising utility expense! Those who chose to stay living within the city limits have no other choice but to suffer the high cost for their electricity use. How is a city supposed to grow and prosper at all if the people who live there can’t afford to stay? How can the residents scraping to…

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