Proposal For Leadership Management Development Programme Essay

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Proposal for Leadership Management Development Programme for Emirates Leadership and management development is recognized as one of the significant success factors for Emirates. The ability of the company to develop and implement new and creative measures to learning in order to complement best practice and theory is dependent on effective leadership and management programmes and initiatives. The aim of this leadership management programme is to provide guidelines for future LMD initiatives adopted by Emirates. This aim will seek to achieve several objectives including enhancing opportunities for experiential learning based on latest trends in leadership development. Moreover, the proposal seeks to establish measures through which the company’s future LMD programmes will optimize the practical component of learning to compliment best practice and theory. Therefore, this Leadership Management Development (LMD) programme seeks to identify leadership and management needs and provide an action plan for enhancing leadership and management training towards the realization of Emirates’ business objectives. The first step in this LMD programme will involve conducting a leadership and management needs analysis to identify the specific leadership and management training needs in light of Emirates’ corporate strategies. The needs analysis will be exhaustive since it will examine the current practices of leadership and management relative to best practices. This will be followed…

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