Prophets Hair Analysis

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In this synthesis I will be comparing two stories and one poem. They are called Prophets Hair, A Father, and Self Portrait. The three stories all have in common something that have to do with their father, so it will be comparing father figures. In the poem “Self Portrait” the son appears to be mad at his father. Some reasons can be him not knowing who he is “I resemble everyone but myself.” When you grow up and go through life, not knowing who you are can be challenging and make you resent your family. But in this case, he seems to resent his father. He feels he may be a product of his father but does not want to be like him because he blames his father since he does not know who he is as a person. Since all this son knows is that his father paints “the portrait of a stranger, date unknown, often signed in a corner by my father”. He does not appear to be a good father figure because he was absent in his child’s life. …show more content…
He was known as the moneylender, the wealthy moneylender Hashim (Rushdie 817). One who was respectful and honorable (Rushdie 817). And even gave those less fortunate an opportunity to have some of his fortune (Rushdie 817). Yes, some may think he comes off as a money hungry man, but a lot of people want their money back. They may not have gone about it the way Hashim did, asked an interest rate of over seventy per cent (Rushdie 817). That was a bit much, but like it was stated in the text “to teach these people the value of money; let them only learn that, and they will be cured of this fever of always borrowing all the time (Rushdie 817). So, although he does help those in need, it is also a great way to get those to stop borrowing money. So, he is a man capable of problem

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