Analysis Of The Book Of Prophet Habakkokkuk

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Literary contexts Habakkuk was a prophet who lived during period of Israel history , the meaning of his name is still questionable it may come from the verb habaq meaning folding of hand , Habaq refers to a group of plants known as Ocimum , it also means to embrace ,Luther on his personal point of view he thought maybe it signified that Prophet Habakkuk embraced his people and comfort them .The book of Prophet Habakkuk is one of the most profound book which you can find an amazing communication between man and God. J.G Harris the lamenting prophecy of Habakkuk p27 explained, this book of Habakkuk in 4 different literary types laments oracles woes and psalm of epiphany as they display an underlying unity of thought and purpose, The first …show more content…
Breathing is the most important aspect of man, which he give up at his death and returns during resurrection from the dead {1kinggs 21:22} it appears to be located in Hebrew thought in the neck psalm 69:1-2 the waters have come up to my neck"), or throat Is 5:14 paralleled with "mouth"), where one exhales. Man first became a living soul through the receipt of God 's breath inhaled through the nostrils: "[God] breathed (נָפַך nâphach, strong 5301 note the verb 's common first root syllable with נָפַשׁ nâphash) into his nostrils the breath (נֶשַׁמַה neshamah strong 5397 of life; and man became a living soul" Gen …show more content…
Every divine communication, by whatever means made, is often spoken of in the prophetic writings under the title of a vision. When the prophets were commanded to write anything or to speak, it denoted the great importance of it, and that the fulfilling of it was at some distance. The Lord said Make it plain upon tablets to write it in legible characters; that he may run that readeth — That it may be read with ease. For the vision is yet for an appointed time — What I am now about to reveal to thee will not be fulfilled till a certain time which God hath appointed, but which is yet at a distance. As this vision undoubtedly related to the destruction of the Babylon’s monarchy, which is plainly foretold from Habakkuk 2:5 to the end of the chapter, so that the event was not to take place till about one hundred years from this time. But at the end it shall speak — When the period appointed by God shall come, it shall be accomplished, and not disappoint your expectation.

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