Hobbes And Jean Jacques-Rousseau Analysis

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Freedom as a concept implies absolute power over one’s self and property. Through the works of philosophers like Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques-Rousseau, we have seen different ways of interpreting the role of property and freedom not only in relation to one’s self, but also within a community, and a political society. Hobbes acknowledges the power dynamics in a society that alter the way in which we live and consequently rebel. He understands the mutual relationship of property and freedom as a fixed obligation of the common man to submit their freedom to a ruler or government through a “social contract,” thus becoming the state's property in hopes of “self-preservation.” Rousseau, however, argues that the development of inequality is a byproduct …show more content…
Although we have many rights, we unknowingly give many of them up to our political society; our government. One government, however, cannot guarantee safety and self-preservation to all its subjects through the “social contract” Hobbes adheres to. They must pick and choose who is worthy of this even if everyone has innate rights. This judgment is not dictated by one’s loyalty to the government, instead, it is motivated by self-interest and prejudice that constantly fluctuates from leader to leader who decides what group or individual has freedom. Therefore, even if Hobbes hoped for a more submissive constituent that only questions government in result to a direct threat of life, this cannot be the case in our current political time. There is no homogenous group in one society, therefore a ruler cannot truly make one decision that appeases all, they can, however, make decisions that help some and hurt others. This is when Hobbes theory on ownership for self-preservation becomes flawed. Although his way of thought has informed many governments it has also done what he hoped it wouldn’t; provide an unsafe environment that directly threatens lives. Proving that ownership cannot guarantee a free society it is only a quick resolution to a mountain of overlying issues that may possibly go

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