Proper Etiquette Guidelines And Ground Rules For Dispute Resolution

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• Establish a culture that values ideas, brainstorming, and collaboration, a culture in which all team members will feel empowered to provide honest and candid feedback for the betterment of each individual and the team and organization.
• Establish an “open door” policy and make myself available to meet that expectation. The “open door” requires candor. That comes with trust, but it also requires permission. Even friends will not directly confront a manager without tacit permission to do so because everyone knows who the boss is.
• Be encouraging and positive but also realistic. People know when a statement is not genuine. Sometimes, life is not immediately rosy. I can acknowledge that while being positive and encouraged that we will resolve the issue. I must not gloss over reality, but I will not complain. I will bring solutions.
• Establish proper etiquette guidelines and ground rules for dispute resolution.
• Establish a mechanism to ensure measurement of performance against project objectives and organizational objectives, interacting with a PMO if one is available for the organization.

In order to facilitate these steps, I will consider doing the following:
• Hold a relationship building event (meal or gathering) outside of the work building in order to allow the team members to introduce themselves and begin interacting.
• Meet individually with each team member to ensure that expectations are mutually understood with respect to project objectives and…

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