Proper Construction Lighting Essay example

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Due to the growing population and overly congested roadways, numerous of the roadside construction sites occur at night to reduce the problems of traffic. These sites have continually shown problems caused by their unnatural lighting solutions. The essential problem brought to attention is that of safety, caused by the poor vision, bright lights, shadows, and the glare created by the current lighting types being used. While looking at these different forms of lighting, one will be able to see and understand which the best permanent solution for roadside construction is. Portable Towers, Balloon Lighting, Headlights, Droplights/Floodlights will all be looked at as possible solutions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages
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(Foley, 2010) This combined with the fact that many of these sites are providing insufficient and inconsistent lighting, is simply a recipe for disaster.
With the current lighting being used at most of the sites being these large Portable Light towers, one can see that they are extremely ineffective and cause many misses and false alarms. These towers provide bright light but are aimed directly towards the work area, and create an extremely bright and intense glare that is blinding to motorists and workers alike, depending on the angle one has positioned themselves. (Smith, 2006) One may think that if there is insufficient lighting, then the solution would be to bring more of these light towers and try to strategically place them further away to increase the ability to eliminate shadows and the glare. (Smith, 2006) But in reality, when one increases the amount of towers and adds their light, the towers amplify the amount of glare and shadows, thus intensifying the issue and intensifying the possibility of hits and misses. (Huckabee, 2009) With these issues taking into account it seems that the common ground and common problem, is the glare created from all of the different types of lights, if one could reduce or eliminate the glare it could make the sites much more safe and operable. The glare is what makes it difficult for the workers and the motorists to see, this glare also creates dark spots

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