Essay on Proper And Effective System For Gun Control

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Background checks are an integral piece of an efficient and effective system for gun control. These precautionary checks often focus on targeting individuals with restraining orders, fugitive statuses, and mental illnesses - a strategy that, according to (IDENTIFY) Bisakha Sen and Anantachia Panjamapirom, has historically helped lower overall homicide rates in states that check for such criteria. However, the recent alarming increase (ADD STATS) in gun related crimes, especially among already convicted felons, is a primary indicator that expansion and uniformity in the quantity and quality of background checks remains necessary. Background checks also significantly decrease the likelihood of unregistered firearms being dispersed among the general public. In their cross-sectional time series data study, Sen and Panajamapirom found that states with low homicide rates even prior to the Brady Law, which mandated background checks for all states, already had their own provisional checking system in place. This created a system in which very few firearms were purchased in the past without background checks, resulting in a decrease of unregistered guns in circulation. Stricter and more extensive background checks will act as an essential building block around which a more solid gun control and crime mitigation system may be developed. Nonetheless, proponents of less stringent gun laws continue to argue that background checks and concealed carry restriction laws have a negative…

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