Propaganda Ww! Essay

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Isaac Baya
History 1430 Paper
Selling the Nation World War I, otherwise known as the Great War back in the early 1900s, was said to be the war that ends all wars. During this time there were two sides, the central and allied powers. The central powers consisted of Germany and Austria-Hungary. Opposing them was the allies, which included Great Britain, France, Italy, and Russia. The United States would join the allies in 1917, three years after the war had started. President Woodrow Wilson at the time was very adamant about the United States remaining a neutral country. Despite being neutral, The U.S. continued to trade heavily with the allied powers and started to diminish the exports to Germany. In retaliation, Germany started
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To help persuade people that it was necessary for that to happen, Wilson started one the biggest propaganda campaigns during World War I. Aside from the propaganda aimed at the central powers, Wilson focused his campaign on the American citizens to enlist, support, or donate to the war efforts. In 1917 Wilson created the Division of Pictorial Publicity. He hired two very famous illustrators at the time and let them bring in more illustrators to create works to sway the public. “These posters inspired you to enlist, to pick up the flag and support your country. They made you in some cases fear an enemy or created a fear you didn’t know you had” (Cook). Whether the poster was asking you to enlist, buy liberty bonds, join the Red Cross, or save food, it struck an emotional response to the public and essentiality prompted patriotism. The campaign proved to be very successful in the end with the U.S. selling over $18.7 billion in Liberty Bonds in 1917 (Alchin) and having over 2 million citizens volunteer for the armed forces (Krugler). Although it is not a poster or illustration, the Zimmerman Telegram was a major example of propaganda. In 1917 the British intercept a message that was intended for Mexico from Germany. Within the letter, Germany offered peace, financial support, and an alliance. Germany promised that if Mexico helped them in the war against the U.S., in exchange Germany offered the territories lost by Mexico to the

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