Propaganda Techniques By Ann Mcclintock

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Commonly used in our society whether on billboards, televisions, radios, and even in between movies. What is noticed on these everyday trends tend to change the way we are persuaded into buying or noticing causes. These trends are known as advertisements. As advertisements are widely used in American culture to get a message across to viewers, The messages could be for a product whether it is of good quality or poor quality. They can also be used to get a point across to the viewers on causes to prevent something from happening or to provoke it. In other words, advertisements are produced to attract the audience with simple techniques that could be found in the article “Propaganda Techniques” by Ann McClintock. As examples, the advertisements provided are used to produce an effect on the viewers deeply towards anti-smoking. With doing so, it increases their marketing viewers and expands their foundations. The advertisements are also beneficial with the goal to decrease the amount of smoking that takes place in our society. Furthermore, the significance of the Cancer Patients Aid Association advertisement would be that it has a well persuasive attempt to prevent smoking, however, the Child health Foundation also has a persuasive approach towards smoking, but more towards secondhand smoke around children. Having said that, The Child Health Foundation has a stronger persuasive approach.
Advertisers are able to convince readers to buy their products or promote their causes by

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