Propaganda Posters Of World War I Essay

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Many of the propaganda posters of World War One have symbolism to persuade the viewers to be a participant in the war. One of the propaganda posters made in Germany has a snake with eight arrows and the number eight, entangling the snake. We can presume that the snake is the Alliances and the eight symbolizes the war bond that the Germans were merchandising at that time. You can see that the arrows are piercing the serpent, which symbolizes that the money that is put in the war bond will support the army of Germany to annihilate their opponent. Other posters such as the Australia 's have a gorilla with hands painted red with blood reaching out to the world. In the posters you can observe that Europe is already stained with gore. The gorilla could represent the Germans and that Germany are intending of tainting other countries with their sins, meaning that the Germans will advance out to other countries engaging them into a bloody war. Another example of a symbolism is in the UK or United Kingdom’s poster. This poster has a drawing of a German Sister pouring out a glass of water in front of a man, dying from thirst. This symbolizes that every citizen inhabiting the nation of Germany, including the Sisters, who is a follower of the god, possesses an atrocious and barbarous heart. Symbolism has a huge and important role in propaganda poster.

Propaganda posters call out for the country’s needs and usually they call out for recruitments. In most of the posters from Australia,…

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