Propaganda Model And Its Effect On Public Opinion Essay

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1. Propaganda Models generally argue that the government or the private sector manufacture news to influence public opinion in a certain way that benefits its status. This theory is an elite driven one where one dominant actor, the government, parties or leaders, try to use a variety of ways to influence the formation of public opinion. The findings of the current study directly go against what the Propaganda supporters embrace. The findings suggest little support for the Propaganda Theory in explaining the process of public opinion formation.

The findings of the study showed that elite opinion has little influence on the formation of public opinion on the mass level. This indicates that the manipulation process elite, or other sectors of society, exercise to control or alter public opinion is a misleading one. The article tests different theoretical frameworks including the elite public opinion hypothesis, which is a variant of the Propaganda Model. The article tests whether events on the ground, a structural variable, as well as the rational choice theoretical hypothesis represented by the cost/benefit hypothesis along side the Propaganda Model represented by elite opinion. The findings yield support for the structural, as well as the rational choice hypotheses and doe not support the Propaganda Model.

2. The article contributes to the ongoing scholarly debate regarding the formation of public opinion. In the communications literature, as well as the social sciences,…

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