Propaganda In World War 2 Essay

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The Power of Film Propaganda in World War II On September 1, 1939, World War II officially began when the Nazi’s invaded Poland causing France and Britain to declare war on Germany. Soon after, many other countries took sides either with the Allied or Axis powers expanding the conflict and causing tensions to escalate further. The Allies mainly included Russia, the United States, Britian, and China. The Axis powers included Nazi Germany, Japan, and Italy whom all shared beliefs regarding strong militarist and nationalist ideologies. Many people think of WWII as a new era for military technology because of the advancements that had been made since WWI such as improved mobility and fire power of tanks, faster and more powerful aircraft, and …show more content…
The goal was to psychologically disturb the other side making them crumble and give into the philosophies of the other side. Film was one of the most common forms of propaganda because everyone, regardless of education and lifestyle, had access to the movie theatres. Additionally, the propaganda messages in the films were presented in an entertaining fashion causing people not to realize how they were being effected mentally. Triumph of the Will, directed by Riefenstahl, enabled Hitler to gain support for the Nazi political party, further helping him control all of Germany with his military forces. In response to Riefenstahl’s film, Frank Capra was hired by the United States military to create a film that demonstrated why the Axis power needed to be beaten back. Both films were successful in changing people’s perception of the war because the number of members in the Nazi party grew, and the United States created unity through an extensive war effort. If film hadn’t been as effective as it was in WWII, the Allied powers may not have won the war forever changing history. Although, in this day in age, we are very skeptical of the information our government gives us, we must keep in mind the importance of propaganda in keeping the United States a strong

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