Hitler Propaganda Research Paper

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Propaganda is the process of persuasion through media such as news, radio, and television. Propaganda has been used as early as the 1600’s and is still used today as a way to persuade the public to take a certain view on a subject. Propaganda was the most powerful weapon in WW2. Hiroshima caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, but Nazi propaganda lead to the deaths of millions. My response paper is focused on how Hitler used massive amounts of manipulation to persuade Germans to join his Nazi party and how he used these brainwashed Nazis to kill whoever he wanted. I found many exhibits under propaganda, but the ones I found most interesting were on how Hitler became leader, how he manipulated the youth, and how the Nazis controlled all news and media. Hitler wasn’t very popular to begin with, he even was sent to prison for high treason for his speeches and rallies. Hitler had a small group of followers, but then Germany went into a great depression. The people of Germany were out of jobs and looked to the …show more content…
If one man could use media to manipulate an entire country to do his bidding, then what 's to stop that from happening again? He controlled the schools, the media, and the government by shear manipulation and propaganda. I now will look at things a lot closer before signing up for stuff, instead of just trusting that the fine print isn 't important. I can see how propaganda is used today in a much more scaled down level. Today propaganda is seen several times just walking through a store. Commercials and advertisements are a modern form of propaganda. They show how if you buy this item how you will be bettering your life. They emphasize on the good parts of the product and leave all the bad parts of it in fine print or don 't display it at all. This project has taught me to focus on the things that people don 't tell you, just as much as the things that they tell

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