Essay on Propaganda During World War II

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The use of propaganda in your life is just about all the time. Propaganda is the form of communication used to influence the attitude of a community towards a cause or position to benefit one’s self. It’s used very often in politics and to convince their audience of something in general. Two main events in the United States that used propaganda are World War I and World War II. Propaganda was a key to the success of America getting through the wars. While the United States used many forms of propaganda during World War I and World War II the most effective forms were radio, newspaper, and posters. One of the most effective uses of propaganda in America during World War I and World War II was the radio. It was a media that was the American’s advantage during this time period. The radio allowed Americans to quickly be alerted about bombings, war updates, and a few propaganda ads thrown in there for citizen’s benefit. It could be something you listen to while fighting in the war, or contributing at home by working in the factories. It allowed everybody in American to stay connected and in tune with each other when everyone was so far away. It also played a key role in war tactics used against other countries. “Radio broadcasts sent to enemy troops would warm them of future fighting, and make them fear for their lives” (Propaganda 1). This is one example of how the radio bettered America against other countries in the war, by using the propaganda strategy of fear. The radio…

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