Propaganda During World War II Essay

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“Propaganda is a monologue that is not looking for an answer, but an echo,” (W. H. Auden). World War II, like many other wars, was influenced by a myriad of different variables. One variable that echoed throughout America was propaganda. Propaganda was a major influence in the rally for overall support in America during World War II. They perpetuated government desired messages to the public. The propaganda’s intentions in World War II can be broken down into three major categories: war efforts, Anti-German and Anti-Japanese backing, and home front endeavors. Similarly, propaganda came in many forms, as the TV was starting to make itself known in the 1930s. These numerous forms include political cartoons, posters, novels, comic books, movies, and cartoons. Furthermore, propaganda could be very specific to the intended audience, the goals, and the impact the propaganda had. All in all, propaganda in World War II helped in many aspects to aid the United States in a victory.
First off, propaganda, taking many different forms, was used for a wide array of viewers. Propaganda, first and foremost, was targeted towards civilians of America. The civilians that are being referred to through the propaganda are either a specific group of civilians or all citizens in general. One example would be the famous poster from World War II known as Rosie the Riveter. The iconic World War II poster was directed towards the females that were left alone after most of the males in America left for…

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