Propaganda Analysis : Brave New World Essay

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Propaganda is used all over the world, it is a way of spreading word to promote a cause. It is frequently used to sell a belief system and is ideological. In "Brave New World," the World State uses propaganda to equalize the society no matter the consequence. On the other hand, the Nazi party used it to acquire and maintain power, they also used it to implement Nazi policies. Many different techniques of propaganda are used by these two "worlds," but there are three major techniques used in both; Bandwagon, Name Calling and Glittering Generalities. The Bandwagon technique is used to encourage people to think or act a certain way, simply because others are doing so. In the World State, there exists many hypnopaedic proverbs. One of which, portrays the bandwagon technique: This proverb proclaims that monogamous relationships do not exist in the World State; everyone is able to obtain relations with everyone, involving absolutely no exclusivity. It repeats "everyone" twice, which gives an impression that everyone adheres to the saying. It appears as though it claims that this idea is universally fair. An election poster called shows hands that are raised in a unified salute of the Nazis . It encourages viewers to jump on the Nazi political bandwagon: Nazi propaganda often emphasized the power of a mass movement to drive the country forward, subtly highlighted by the upward angle of the hands. The goal here, like the World State, is to unify the citizens to obtain a better…

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