Essay about Propagand Conformity And Rebellion On A Dual Level

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Propaganda: Conformity and Rebellion on a dual level Human beings, in their nature, refuse to be restricted and oppressed. Any attempt to deprive them from freedom stimulates a reaction, depending on the moral background of the individuals. The reaction may be rebellious, disobedient and against the group norms. As it may be docile and compliant. The debate about conformity and rebellion is outstretched and appears in most of our pieces of literature. After deep research, I got to find three determinants of conformity and rebellion- the distance, size of the group and exposures. Exposures refer to the number of occasions the individual is exposed to the group norm or ritual (Goldberg 325-329). In Maus, Vladek and the rest of the Jews are exposed to great pressure by Germans. This pressure was an incentive for Jews and Germans to conform to the Nazi regime or to rebel against it. The artist, in A Hunger Artist, seeks acceptance and admiration from the audience while the latter misunderstands him and unappreciates his work. The artist, therefore, is conforming to the ideology of the people. The artist and the characters in Maus experience different types of tensions and injustice that they react to eventually both in a rebellious and compliant way. There is another aspect in the two pieces contributing to the reaction of the characters and ultimately to the major theme-conformity and rebellion. The events in Maus did not emerge out of nowhere and the anti-semitism did…

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