Prop 57 : End Mass Incarceration Essay

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Abigail Gonzalez
Melvin Suncin
Period 10/12

Prop 57: End Mass Incarceration
Proposition Context
At its core, proposition 57 is separated by two parts. Not only would proposition 57 allow an increase of opportunity of parole to felons convicted of nonviolent crimes and give them more of an opportunity to earn credits for good behavior. It would also allow judges, not prosecutors, to decide whether to try minors as adults in court. In 2009, the Federal Government ordered California State to reduce its prison population due to overcrowding (“Myers”). It was ruled in by the Supreme Court that California 's prisons were violating the eighth amendment because of overcrowding (“Myers”). Since then the California prison population dropped after voters in 2014 approved Proposition 47, which gave higher consideration of parole to certain nonviolent felonies and misdemeanours (“Myers”). If this proposition does end up passing, the state of California would save tens of millions of dollars annually due to the “reduction in the prison population”(“Criminal Sentencing”).

What does voting yes mean?
A yes vote on proposition 57- the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016- means that a voter acknowledges how prisons are overcrowded and exploit prisoners to live under harsh conditions. According to the International Centre for Prison Studies, California 's prison population increased by 500%. By supporting this proposition voters are allowing all inmates charged with a…

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