What Is Proof Positive?

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Proof Positive
Researchers using MRI technology can now see neurological scars on the brain caused by bullying. These scars look very much like the scars that mark the brains of children who 've been physically and sexually abused at a young age.[6]

Take a look at these notable findings:

• Lifetime Affects
Dr. Laurence Steinberg, a developmental psychologist specializing in adolescence, described the way school environments shape students’ experiences. He concluded that adolescent brain development comes with significant opportunities and serious risks. Teenagers have the capacity to flourish if they are in a caring, supportive environment, but if they 're exposed to a toxic environment, they can be harmed in ways that could last a lifetime.[7]
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Tracy Vaillancourt, Canada Research Chair of Children’s Mental Health at the University of Ottawa, revealed that targets of bullying experience cortisol spikes in their brains when bullying occurs. Cortisol negatively impacts the functioning of the immune system. It even has the power to harm or kill the specialized cells in the part of the brain responsible for memory - the hippocampus.[10] Neuroscientist, Frances Jensen, noted the correlation between mental illness in adolescence, when the brain is maturing, and stress which causes cortisol to be released in greater amounts, beyond normal, into the …show more content…
It also holds teachers, schools, and administrators accountable.[16].


Section 3. Bullying of student prohibited. Bullying of a student enrolled in a public K-12 school by another student or an employee is prohibited.

As of 2013, seven of the ten provinces and one territory in Canada have anti-bullying legislation.[17] In Canada, anti-bullying legislation holds children accountable, but does not apply after the age of 18. A by-law was passed in Edmonton, Alberta that makes bullying illegal in schools; however, it 's geared toward students and doesn 't mention bullying by teachers or administrators.[18]

There are cases in Canada and the USA where parents have used the courts to fight for their children 's right to grow and learn in a bully-free environment. Some parents sue schools, school boards, and school personnel for millions[19]. Failing to respond to bullying can be costly for

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