Promotional Mix Essay

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Executive Summary
The aim of this report is to investigate the view that promotion is all about television advertising, advertising agencies and big bills. This report will analyse where the promotional mix lies in the marketing mix, what the promotional mix is, the four key elements it comprises of and whether TV advertising really is the most important. Research was conducted by drawing on marketing text books, industry magazines and phone/email questionnaires with marketing professionals. The results of the research indicate that the promotional mix is imperative to a marketing campaign and is tailored to suit the marketing message. The report concludes that the promotional mix should definitely be a part of any marketing campaign.
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In the same way there are elements to the whole marketing mix, promotion has four key elements that it comprises of – advertising, public relations, sales promotions and personal selling. These elements are all ways of communicating a message and a term that is growing in popularity to describe promotion is marketing communication (Elliot et al, 2010, pp285). Integrated marketing communications (IMC) is the bringing together of all the elements of the promotional mix; it is the coordination of promotional efforts to maximize the communication effect (Elliot et al, 2010, pp291).
In writing this report it’s important to recognise what exactly the four components of the promotional mix are.
Public relations (PR) by an organisation are used to promote goodwill between itself and the community. It is the promotional efforts designed to build and sustain good relations between an organisation and its stakeholders (Elliot et al, 2010, pp307). Media releases, annual reports and sponsorship are all examples of PR.
Sales promotions are activities that promote a bonus or incentive to buying or using a product or service. Some methods are price discounts, loyalty programs, trade shows, free samples and contests (Elliot et al, 2010, pp312).
Personal selling is the face to face communication with a customer to convey the organisations message in relation to purchasing a product or service.
Advertising is perhaps the most well known part of the promotional

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