Promotional Activities For Nature Care Products Essay

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Assessment Task 1
Subject: Proposed promotional activities for Nature Care Products
Dear Ling,
I am sending you the required information for Nature Care Products. I have developed a few promotional activities to help improve the business sales for the company. Please read through the following and provide your valued feedback to me.
Thanks for your time
Yours sincerely,
Apiwat Bunlang

1. Explain the organization’s marketing objectives and how they support the overall business objectives
Nature Care Products marketing objectives are:
- Focus more on the line ordering and transaction and to be able to achieve 15% online revenue sales by the end of financial year 2019.
- Focus more on attracting new potential customers and to be able to acquire 60,000 new online customers by the end of financial year 2019 with the expected average consumer spending level of $50.
- Increase more with the conversion rate with the aim of conversion rate of 80% within two financial years.
- Reduce the current marketing costs and expenses by 20% by the end of financial year 2019.
These marketing objectives are designed to support the overall organizational objectives in terms of:
- Expected business operation impacts - the proposed marketing objectives are SMART to show that they are implementable and practical for the measurement and controlling to achieve the overall organizational goals.
- Strongly based on marketing research data –…

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