Essay about Promotion Of Learning : Self Assessment

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They are: 1) Promotion of learning: To do self-assessment, a student is required to employ higher order of thinking skills. Self-assessment would not only provide feedback but also direction for future learning. 2) Raised level of awareness:The feedback would help students learn students about their abilities, the progress they are making and how effectively they are using their skills. 3) Improved goal orientation:The process of self-assessment would generate greater interest in the process of self-assessment. 4) Expansion of range of assessment:Once, a learner start appraising his/her performance accurately, s/he is likely be helpful to a teacher in designing teaching tasks by making him/her aware about the individual learning needs. 5) Shared assessment burden: Self-assessment is one way of alleviating the assessment burden on the teacher (Dickinson, 1987). “Combining self-assessment with teacher assessment means that the latter can become more effective” (Harris, 1997). Another variant of this is peer-assessment.
Beneficial post course effects: By encouraging individual reflection, “self-assessment can begin to make students see their learning in personal terms [and] can help learners get better marks” (Harris, 1997). In this way, the self-assessment procedure involves students in making judgments about their own learning, particularly about their needs, achievements and learning outcomes. Many researchers and practitioners, as stated above, deem self-assessment as a…

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