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The planned business model: “Avoid the most hated chore! Get your ironing done for a reasonable price.” Two students at the Business and Economics Faculty have decided to get into the ironing business and offer ironing services for students living in Pécs. The service is provided in 7 steps: “1) you collect your clothes; 2) you call us(/contact us online) and arrange an appointment for picking up the creased clothes; 3) our friendly courier arrives and measures the weight of clothes (based on the result, he tells you the fee of ironing and delivery); 4) high performance, professional woman iron your clothes, fold or hang them (as you wish); 5) each piece is inspected and controlled to ensure
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They have to provide the needed information to avoid uncertainty. The communication has to be understandable, simple and should include all the basic information.
How and where should we communicate this?
It is a newly operated company with law start-up capital, so they should definitely choose the cheapest form of communication and marketing. This kind of service calls student, which means that the Company also could cooperate with the University to get some customers at the beginning. If the company perform good and students are delighted they will tell it to the others so the world-of-mouth marketing will work after some time. However the Company has to convince the student about the importance and reliability of the service.
At the beginning the Company should print out leaflets and brochures and put them in the Faculties of the University, in the dormitories and in places which is visited mostly by students. They also could ask the representative at the University to promote their service in an e-mail or in the University newspapers. Furthermore they could make a page on facebook and advertise themselves among the students. Nowadays social websites are the most visited sites on the internet. A bit more expensive form is the print media advertising. They could put themselves in the well-known program- brochures or in the local newspaper.
When the Company has many customers

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