Essay about Promoting Higher Levels Of Public Awareness

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The Clayton Center primary means of advocacy deals with the children and young adults that are receiving their services. The counselors who work with children serve as advocates by working with the child’s school counselors to ensure the child’s needs are being met (). Select members attend various seminars and conferences where they discuss and devise ways of promoting higher levels of public awareness about the issues this community has to deal with. They hold workshops and fundraisers within the community as well as offer classes to the general public to help promote awareness. A few board members sit on the boards of other organizations that work with local politicians and government agency to get policies that affect this community changed or implemented (P. Thompson, personal communication, December 7, 2015).
Public Policy The latest policy issue that will have the most impact on this organization and community is the Excellence in Mental Health Act. The act was originally passed in April of 2014 and it increased “Americans’ access to community mental health and substance use treatment services while improving Medicaid reimbursement for these services. When fully implemented, the Excellence Act will infuse over $1 billion into the behavioral health system, making it the biggest federal investment in mental health and addiction services in generations” ("Excellence in Mental Health Act"). This will allow those who were unable to receive access to mental health…

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