Essay on Promising Progress For Prospects For A Prosperous Prospects

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Faith Burkett
Prof. Cissel
RWS 100
10 Dec. 2015
Promising Progress for Prosperous Prospects

The American people are moving away from typical political candidates who are being controlled by Corporate America. The middle class wants the new president to lead the United States out of the corrupted hands of corporate America. In order to do this, the American people are changing the way they view the Democratic and Republican Parties that dominate the political system today. One of the Democratic candidates, Bernie Sanders, has focused primarily on Socialist ideas and goals. The Socialist ideals such as free education, environmental reform, and class equality, have resonated with both Democrats and Republicans. Even though Sanders’s Socialist ideas have caused strong criticism, the idea of new hope for middle-class families may overthrow the critiques.The United States has primarily been based on free market and minimal government intervention. Unfortunately, this freedom has caused an unequal distribution of wealth and a dying middle class. The middle class is calling for a change in policy, they need a policy that will help them regain their prosperity. Sanders is giving people a chance to change their ideology. That we should increase government intervention in the current free market. Critics scepticism of Sanders’s appeal towards a progressive reformation of the United States actually demonstrates that he will most likely become the next president because he is…

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