Essay on Prominent Diseases Of Norway And The United States

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Prominent diseases of Norway are similar to the United States. In both countries, cardiovascular diseases and cancer are topping the charts for the populations (Chronic disease overview, 2015; World health organization, 2014). These diseases are affecting the population, health care systems and the future. These particular diseases are broken into subcategories with heart disease, stroke and cancer, leading the way for causes of death (Chronic disease overview, 2015; World health organization, 2014). There are some causes of death that are not as prominent, but worth mentioning such as suicide rates in relation to mental health disorders. The article on Application of the Epidemiological Model by Dinah Saunders and Barbara Harrison is intriguing in determining the factors that are associated with the disease presence among the population (2006). In the article, it is mentioned that there are elemental factors that make up an epidemiologic triangle, those factors are agent, host and environment (Saunders & Harrison, 2006). This is an important tool in examining why and how diseases are spread and impact the population. This article focuses on obesity, a risk factor for both cardiovascular disease and cancer, describing nursing roles to combat this risk factor (Saunders & Harrison, 2006). Coronary heart disease and stroke are the top two the causes of death in Norway (World health rankings, 2014). Cardiovascular health is important to a healthy lifestyle. Risk factors…

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