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Thirsty drinks , Expanding the business – A case of Ethical Dilemma

Note: The story and characters in the story are purely fictional

Mr. Balasubrahmanyam, General Manager of the Thirsty drinks in Ooty , was facing the biggest challenge of his successful career. It was a Friday morning, he entered into his spacious and luxurious office room, with full enthusiasm and excitement of getting transferred to his hometown, Bangalore. But it was all happened suddenly . He was a successful and well experienced professional having a lot of commitment towards his work. He had been with the company for more than ten years. He was appointed as General Manager at Ooty a few years back , when the company opened a new plant in the divine and
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Resources include both the man power , land and water.

Problems began when the local people of the area lost faith in the policies of the company. The villagers started protesting against the firm. They started blocking the shipment vehicles. The root cause for the problem was ground water depletion. Most of the villagers were farmers having only primary education. Some surveys found harmful chemicals in the drinking water where the firm is operating. Mr.Balasubrahmanyam got to know about this and he received complaints from many representatives of the villagers. Now, the actual trouble occurred when the company decided to sell their biproducts as fertilizers. They believed that this will calm down most of the problems in that area as the poor farmers are in need of these fertilizers. Their assumption was true, they started accepting this new offer and the conditions where coming down to normal situation. The villagers start forgetting about the water problem. The new firm followed all the standards as mentioned by the government but not the original company standards. The new idea of fertilizers put Mr. Bala in a situation of dilemma. He knows that these products are extremely harmful to life and it contains chemicals like arsenic which can cause damage to health. The company forces him to continue with the project telling that the failure of a new business in this

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