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National Economics University International Bachelor Degree

Project Report Marketing Mix 4PS Analysis of The coffee bean and tea leaf in Hanoi

Hanoi, August, 2015

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I. Introduction 5

1. Background 5

2. Rationale 5

3. Research questions 5

4. Research methods 6

II. Literature review 7

1. The coffee bean and tea leaf 7

2. Marketing mix 4Ps 8

III. Major finding 10

1. Product 10

2. Price 13

3. Place 15

4. Promotion 16

IV. Conclusion 19

Appendix 20

1. References 20

2. Questionnaire 20
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Along with the coffee, they can do many things: reading the newspaper, listening to music, chatting with friends, talking with business partners or just considering. The coffee taste of Vietnamese is also very different – bitter, condensed and cozy. Filter coffee is the kind of coffee having almost these characteristic and being considered as the most interesting coffee by Vietnamese in general and Hanoi people in particular. The way Hanoi humans sitting and sipping filter coffee must have been too familiar to everyone.

However, in recent years, Hanoi coffee culture seems slowly being replaced by series of imported coffee chain which include The coffee bean and tea leaf - the oldest and largest privately-held chain of specialty coffee and tea shop in the American. The coffee bean and tea leaf was established in 1963 by Herbert B. Hyman in California, USA. Today’s, it is known as one of the biggest privately-owned coffee and tea companies all around the world. The coffee bean and tea leaf started entering the Vietnam market in 2008. After 7 years, they raised the number of Coffee bean shops in their system up to 17, including 14 stores in Ho Chi Minh and 3 stores in Hanoi.

Vietnam is a country whose coffee consumption is relatively large and diverse, as a result engaging in this market means that The coffee bean and tea leaf have to participate in

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