Project X Essay example

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Project X is a movie about three seniors who fly under the radar in high school. Costa and Thomas are best friends. Costa is loud, outgoing, and wants more than anything to be popular and have people know his name. Thomas is quite the opposite, he is more reserved and only concerned about a girl he likes. Thomas’ parents decide to go away for the weekend, which leaves the house free for Thomas’ birthday party. Thomas has many reservations about the party but allows it thinking that the girl he likes will show up. After many invitations are extended people begin to arrive. Things go from a controlled environment to absolute chaos, with the use of sex, drugs, and alcohol. In this paper I will discuss the movie as well as its relation …show more content…
Everyone has choices to make in life, whether it is allowing a party to happen, drinking underage, or taking drugs because they seem cool. Thomas unfortunately followed the same path as many other teenagers and decided to experiment. Due to the drugs and alcohol he began to change a little. In the beginning he was against a large party and recreational drugs and by the end of the movie he was right in the middle of it all. Thomas let loose, he drank which inhibited his clear thinking and allowed him to take the ecascty which was really the downfall of it all. Once on ecstasy all inhibition went out the window. Thomas joined in with everyone else dancing and doing irresponsible things such as jumping from the roof to the pool.

The first relation to Biology in this movie is the use of alcohol and drugs. Chemistry, part of biology, is used in the production of the ecstasy. Ecstasy, known by its chemical name 3, 4 methylenedioxymethylamphetamine or MDMA, belongs to the family of drugs, phenethylamines. MDMA is closely associated with other drugs like mesculine, they both are hallucinogenic stimulants and psychedelic amphetamines. If you are buying MDMA you never know exactly what you are getting, dealers and producers often cut the ecstasy with other drugs or chemicals. When dealing with ecstasy you never know the exact reaction you will have, it varies by physical health, weight, tolerance, and mental states to name a few. After consuming MDMA it begins to

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