Essay on Project Time Management

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Executive Summary
A success or a failure of a project depends who is making the assessment. The primary objectives of the project owner and the project contractor must be considered. These objectives are the deliverables that the project owner expects and which the project manager is employed to achieve. The primary objectives for any project can be grouped under three headings: time, cost and quality.
The aim is to achieve success in all 3 aspects of the project. At times it is necessary to identify one of the three primary objectives as being of special importance
This paper looks at project time management in detail, the processes required to be performed in-order to ensure timely completion of a project. It also looks in depth at 3
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9). The relationship between quality and project cost is not as straightforward. It is a fundamental error to believe that there is a simple and acceptable trade off. Down grading quality is not an option, as quality means fitness for purpose (Lock 2003, p. 11).
Scope management precedes time management. Scope management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required to complete the project successfully (PMBOK 2000, p. 51). Within the task of defining the project scope the work breakdown structure is established.
"The purpose of the work breakdown structure (WBS) is to subdivide the scope of work into manageable work packages that can be estimated, planned, assigned to a responsible person or department for completion" (Burke 2003, p. 115).
Trying to estimate the time and cost of large projects and establishing budgets and plans against which to manage the work is often difficult. Most projects are too complex to be estimated planned and controlled effectively unless they are divided into smaller more manageable portion sizes. On very large projects it might have to be split into smaller projects or sub-projects, and then further divided into small work packages and tasks.
The work breakdowns must be made and analysed in a systematic fashion so there is a logical pattern to the breakdown. Once this and a series of other task have been completed in the scope

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