Essay on Project Quality Management : Project Management

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This report examines the concern of project quality management and surveys if project quality management is being executed in organizations. Hardie (1998) suggests that Project management has advanced technologically as a profession and demands the application of Decision and information. We started to understand the meaning of project quality management from the perspective of project practitioners. The discussion is basically based on instituting a definition and understanding project quality, and features of project quality management. The basics of the project quality management are highlighted in the report. In order to authorize quality in project management it becomes imperious for an individual to gain overall knowledge in the specified area. This research report proposes to outspread the thorough understanding of project quality management. Hence report focuses on different techniques used by companies to manage project quality by reducing the gaps and working on the areas that need improvement. The report explores different prospects of project quality and elaborates the extent to which the Project quality management is understood and implemented in AICA, which is an Engineering and Migration company.
Background of Company

AICA has been functioning since 2011 and is communicating into the various surfaces of renewable energy, solar installations, migration department and electrical contracting. AICA is well-known for its prolonged development,…

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