Essay on Project Proposal For Saving Spending

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“Organizations encourage intrapreneurial activity within the company in a variety of ways, including hiring practices, dedicated programs such as skunkworks, access to resources, and wide latitude to innovate within established firms” according to Kurtz, D., & Boone. (n.d.). Contemporary business (15th ed.) Chapter 3 pages 92
My organization has been going through a profit loss in the last one year and I have been given the responsibility to devise an innovative plan to bring the organization back to profitability. In order to make the organization profitable, there are things that must be done. Here below are my proposals.

1) Proposals for saving spending in the organization:
The current organization runs with 25 expatriates from different countries. These headcounts are 10 times more expensive compared to the local headcounts. If these expatriates are replaced by the local indigenes the organization can save a lot of money. The proposal is to reduce the number of expatriates from 25 to 18.

Benefits to the organization are as follows:
Current Situation:
1) Expats salaries are 10 times more that the locals, this includes other benefits like 2 home trips per year, 3 recreations trips per year, hardship payments, children school fees.
2) The cost of security> All expatriates are given security service any time they are going out on a daily basis for their work on sites and whenever they go out for pleasure.
3) The company provides accommodations with security for…

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