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Project Management Plan Template

This document is an annotated outline for a Project Management Plan, adapted from the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and IEEE Standard for Project Management Plans. The Project Management Plan is considered to be a “Best Practice” template by the ETS Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO).

The template is designed to address items for all sizes of projects. For small projects, it may be appropriate to omit sections. For unique projects, you may need to add sections.

Tailor as appropriate. Where you decide to omit a section, you might keep the header, but insert a comment saying why you omitted the element. A suggested method is to leave the header and place the comment “Not
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Project Success Criteria 13 6.1 Network Diagram 13 6.2 Project Milestones 13 6.3 Approval Process 13 6.4 Acceptance Criteria 13 6.5 Critical Success Factors 14 7. Data Conversion / Data Migration 14 8. Test Strategy 14 8.1 Unit Testing 14 8.2 Functional Testing 14 8.3 System Testing 14 8.4 User Acceptance testing 14 8.5 Regression Testing 14 8.6 Performance / Scalability Testing 14 8.7 Data Verification 14 9. Deployment Plan 14 10. System Transition / Rollout Plan 15 11. Training Plans 15 12. Procurement Plans 15 13. Maintenance & Support Plans 15 14. Additional Components 15 15. Glossary of Terms 16

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of the Project Management Plan provides an overview of the project and the product, a list of deliverables, reference material, and agency definitions and acronyms used throughout the Life Cycle of the project.

1 Project Overview

Provide a concise summary of the project objectives, scope, out of scope, the product to be delivered, major work activities, major work products, major milestones, required resources, and master high-level schedules and budget requirements. The Project Overview describes the relationship of this project to the agency mission, other projects, and business

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