Project Plan for a Kitchen Remodel Essay

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Project Description This project involves the remodeling of the master bathroom by replacing the fixtures, the appliances and the tiles to emanate a sense of peace and tranquility. Our objective is to create a whole new environment. One that is pleasing to eye as well as one that offers a feeling of comfort on a daily bases.

Problem/ Result Statement The bathroom appliances, fixtures and tiles are in dire need of renovation. The appliances are corroded, the fixtures are broken and or cracked and the tiles are falling apart. Replacing all appliances, fixtures and tiles will enable the master bathroom to have a state of the art look that would update the feel of the room as well as represents an improvement in attractiveness.
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However, we must not take for granted Murphy's Law which states that you should always expect the unexpected. All projects have some type of risk associated with them. The key is to try to recognize the risk in the early stages of the project. By recognizing potential problems, we can already have a set plan of action for resolution. Some of the potential risks involved in this project include: reliability of family personnel skills, funding for any emergencies that may arise, deliverables not in stock, deliverables not meeting specification as ordered or damaged deliverables.

Assessment of Risk Impact To assess the risk for the project, we decided to utilize a risk assessment matrix. The matrix showcase the likelihood of an event occurring, the phase of when it can be detected, the difficulty of detection and the impact that the event will have on the outcome of the project. A scale of 1 to 4 was used with 4 being the highest probability of occurrence.

Based on the risk assessment matrix, most of our concerns are in the start-up phase. For example: relying on family has a likelihood of 3 and an

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