Project Oxygen : A Research Program Essay

1271 Words Nov 19th, 2014 6 Pages
Project Oxygen was a broad research program Google launched to determine whether managers matter. Once the research results enabled the team to conclude that managers do in fact matter, Google set out to discover what exactly their managers did best, and then identify the specific attributes good managers possess. Google employees then worked to develop a management-training program that to aimed nurture the eight effective manager behaviors in its managers. Building off the success of Project Oxygen, Prasad Sett, Google vice president of people analytics, must determine what the people analytics team should do next. Mr. Setty can choose to; expand Project Oxygen to focus more on senior managers of the company, implement a project to learn more about the complete life cycle of managers, or use the Oxygen approach to focus on entire teams rather than just an individual contributor. Factors to consider when determining solution feasibility, profitability, employee satisfaction, and sustainability. Special attention should be paid to make sure that whichever option Google chooses to pursue, does not constrain or too severely interfere with the work of employees. Despite its success, there were concerns about whether or not Project Oxygen was restricting. The eight expected managerial behaviors Project Oxygen identified can serve more as loose guidelines for leaders, not only at Google, but in general, but too much emphasis on detailed instructions for employees on how to…

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