Project On Wireless Sensor Networks Essays

1000 Words Oct 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Objective of the Project
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are progressively being employed in security-critical applications. However, their inherent characteristics makes them prone to various security outbreaks that can genuinely affect data collection. To overcome this security flaw, an active detection-based security and trust routing scheme is proposed for WSNs. This scheme can quickly create numerous detection routes and obtain nodal trust and henceforth improve the data security. This scheme also helps optimize network lifetime and improves protection again black hole attacks. The active creation of several detection routes and obtaining nodal trust aids this scheme to be secure. More importantly, the energy used for creating active detection routes are used from the residue energy left in the network which makes this scheme fairly efficient and secure. This scheme provides significant improvement in success probability of data route, protection against BLA and optimizing network lifetime.
Collaborative Target Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks with Reactive Mobility
Recent times have witnessed the deployment of WSNs in mission-critical applications like object detection and tracking. Stringent Quality of Service(QOS) requirements are often the case in situations like this. Low false alarm rate, bounded detection delay and high detection probability are some of the common mission-critical scenarios. A dense network can primarily see…

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