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A training report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Industry Integrated) 3rd Semester, Gauhati University on



Under Organisation Guidance Of: Under Institutional Guidance Of:

Mr. K.V.R. Murthi Mr. Hari Krishna

Senior Sales Manager Faculty , SITAM

Metlife India

Prepared And Submitted By:

Surya Prakash


This is to certify that Surya Prakash, a student of the
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Place: Visakhapatnam Surya Prakash Date:


“Any worthwhile Endeavour is the result of the efforts put in by more than one individual”
I acknowledge my indebtedness to all those who helped me in the preparation of this project report. I express my deed sense of gratitude and sincere and sincere thanks to Mr. K.V.R Murthi, Sales Manager of Metlife India, for giving me opportunity to undertake the project “CUSTOMER BEHAVIOUR TOWARDS INSURANCE PRODUCTS” in his esteemed organization under his able guidance. I thank the other organization members for supporting me with timely information.
I extend my whole hearted thanks to our beloved Prof. Hari Krishana for his timely advice and unstinted cooperation and devout encouragement throughout the project work.

I also thank the faculty members of SUN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, and all my friends for imparting me with theoretical inputs and guiding me for the successful completion of the project.

Surya Prakash


SL.NO. Topic Pg. No. 1. Introduction 3-11 2. Profile of the origination 12-25 3. Discussions on training 26-31 4. Study of Selected Research 32-52 Problems 5. Summary, Conclusions & Bibliography 52-57

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