Essay Project Manager For The Los Angeles Parks Foundation

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Question #1 Response:
As a Project Manager for the Los Angeles Parks Foundation from 2012 to 2014, I implemented over $4 million in public-sector capital improvement projects. This involved drafting requests for proposals, contractor and subcontractor agreements, right of entry permits, and contract completion statements. One of my main responsibilities was to perform regular on-site inspections and ensure compliance with our contract performance standards. In addition to my regular site visits, I would periodically coordinate inspections with architects and engineers from our partnership organization, the Department of Recreation and Parks, to verify that all work was in accordance with LA City construction standards.
Prior to approving work proposals, I would perform professional background checks on contractors, review past completed works, and exercise due diligence in the general vetting process. Since all of the projects I managed were transferred over to the City of Los Angeles upon completion, as part of a gift agreement, it was essential to complete thorough final site inspections and create detailed punch lists before making final payments to contractors. By withholding final payments until final approval/audit by the client (Rec & Parks), our group was able to ensure the contractors would resolve or rectify any incomplete or erroneous work.

Question #2 Response:
Virtually all of the capital improvement projects that I managed with the LA Parks Foundation…

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