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Q. What distinguishes system thinking from analytical thinking? Is systems thinking something new or is it just another perspective? Explain.
Analytical thinking says about the parts or elements of the situation, but in system thinking is about the how those parts and elements are work together, and it is a combination of both the analytical thinking and the synthetical thinking, in analytical thinking we always prefer to eliminate the unsatisfactory elements and we pick the best option after removing the elements, that means we try to reduce the risk factor by eliminating the unnecessary elements, but in systems thinking we consider all the elements and make them into groups and those groups are subjected to the central or main theme of
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Analytical thinking: Analytical thinking is a critical component of the visual thinking that which shows the ability of the fast and effective thinking

Q. Describe the following concepts and explain how they fit into systems thinking: objectives, elements, subsystems, attributes, environment, boundary, structure, inputs, outputs, process and constraints.
A system is defined as coordination of set of parts to achieve the common objective or goal. It should mainly defined first and foremost by its objectives and then by environment, attributes and elements and subsystems etc..
Objectives and goals: in order to finish any project we have to set some objectives and goals, because they are very helpful to guide the correct way, we have chance to focus on important things and we will take good decisions to finish the task very efficiently. So setting of goals and objectives are very important in every system or project, similarly those are very helpful in system thinking process. so for every man made systems it is necessary to set the goals and objectives.
Elements and Subsystems: The smallest part in the system is called an element and subsystem is nothing but it is an integrating part of the main system and acts as a component of the large or main system and subsystem can also defined as arranging of elements into smaller groups to create an environment to cooperate with each other and assign the work to them for

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