Project management Essay

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Executive Summary
This assignment critiques the initiation and execution of the Bring your own device (BYOD) Project 2013 at Robot Eyes Ltd, an electronic component manufacturer for industrial robots. The BYOD program allows sales personnel to utilize their personal smart phones, notebooks and other mobile devices to conduct wireless sales transactions. Robot Eyes Ltd. experienced significant wireless confidential data leakage through the mobile devices, for three consecutive years at the same exhibition center in Singapore. The main data encryption unit’s security software was non- responsive as a result of a software malfunction after the mobile devices were upgraded by XXX Ltd. The mobile devices were then susceptible to wireless
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One of the downfalls of the project is the Top Down approach when considering workloads. The DPA’s IT Support Manager underestimated the tasks associated with developing the software systems. The two consultants were still reporting directly to him, even though he had no experience in this field and might not have been able to steer the project successfully. Taz and Jeremy should have been more instrumental together with the IT support manager in assessing the work loads. There was no project plan or scope formulated by the project director or the IT consultants because the project director assumed that Jeremy formulated it and Jeremy was of the opinion that he did not need to have an official plan, but a plan in his mind was sufficient. Having taken this approach, Jeremy’s plan was not exposed to the team for constructive criticism and the element of human error was encouraged. Early formal definition of a project scope is a very effective technique of ensuring that projects run efficiently.

Project Time Management
Understanding the implication of time on each task is critical to the duration of any project. Sequencing tasks based on individual task duration, ability of tasks to run concurrent with other tasks, predecessors of tasks, strategic scheduling and controlling of tasks are all elements that need to be considered when

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