Essay on Project Management a Managerial Approach Pan Europa Case

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Pan-Europa Case Study
In order to avoid a potential hostile takeover, Pan-Europa must keep current shareholders satisfied with company performance. The company must prove it is competitive and able to meet the short-term and long-term demands of the consumer through innovative product expansions, efficiency improvements, and modest market expansions. By doing so, the shareholders will retain their shares and not make them available to raiders like Carlo de Bendetti or the Flick brothers.
Earnings per share, dividends, and shareholders’ equity (market value) will, therefore, become critically important in 1993. Earnings per share refers to the portion of a company's profit allocated to each outstanding share of common stock and
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By completing the project now, the company can mitigate the risk associated with regulators reducing the compliance time at a later date and mitigate the risk associated with a potential public backlash that could occur if their pollution record were published. All concerned, the water treatment project is a must.
Most members of management have expressed a desire to expand the company’s market presence and introduce more new products to boost sales. Projects that are aligned with this strategic focus, therefore, become priority (must do) projects. While taking this approach, management will have to take efforts to ensure they do not over allocate resources, funds, and lose sight of the company’s core business, ice cream.
Timing, familiarity, and capacity are all elements of risk that must be considered when evaluating the project list. For example, the timeline of projects is one component of risk; the longer the project timeline, the greater the associated risk. In addition, new ventures in which the company is unfamiliar carry additional risks. Lastly, the risk associated with growth plans must also be considered. For example, the company must consider the risks associated with pushing current plants past capacity without plans to expand the facilities.
Potential project conflicts include the artificial sweetener, snack food, and schnapps brand projects. All would include

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