Project Management: The First Stages Of An Information Technology Department

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Project Management

Most Project Managers come up through the ranks of an Information Technology (I.T.) department. They have mastered coding, testing. This experience helps prepare them to run projects, but there are still many unknowns for the new Project Manager. The official project request they receive is typically a vague, one-page list of objectives. In addition, I.T. Management cannot afford the time to guide the new Project Manager each step of the way. This paper will assist them in the initial stages of a project. Defining the Project: Purpose
The first step in any project is to determine the purpose of the project. The project purpose should be a simple statement that is the
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The fact that this requirement will not be included needs to be noted and formally documented in the project Scope Document. The other major decision of the scope question is the technical direction the project will take. This decision depends on a number of factors, the main one being the strategic direction of the I.T. department. Other factors to consider include the existing technical infrastructure and the ability of the staff to accomplish their tasks in the specified time. Once the direction has been determined, with input from Technical Support and I.T. Management, the Scope Document for the project can be written. Users and I.T. Management must sign-off on the document for the project to continue.
Defining the Project: Lifecycle
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They include all of the resources needed - people, hardware, and software. The best way to present the estimates to management is a range of figures. If a specific number is requested, qualify the number with a confidence level. This should be expressed as a percentage. For example, "I 'm 90% sure the Design phase will be complete within 6 months". The confidence level is based on how much of the effort is known, how many tasks have been identified, and the Project Manager 's familiarity with the people involved in the project. Always plan for contingencies up front - begin with the worst case scenario and work down as

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