Project Management, the Building of the Three Gorges Dam Essay

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1. Introduction
The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River will probably be finished by 2009 and will be the largest hydroelectric dam in the world. Being the present manager and being appointed by the government at the feasibility stage I am asked to write a report in order to outline the activities required to successfully manage this major project and to ensure that it is completed on time and within budget.
This report will be divided into six parts beginning with an introduction and ending with a conclusion.
At first should the terminology be defined. A project is "a unique set of coordinated activities, with a definite start and finishing point, undertaken by an individual or organisation to meet specific objectives within
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4. Organise
Even though most tasks should have been finished could some still overlap with this stage. The project manager will now assign companies (civil engineers, construction workers, etc.) to take specifically part in one of the project's support teams. The already in the planning phase developed WBS will now help again to organise the project's course. Also should the WBS help using all resources in the most economical way and to avoid wasting. Control tools should be established in order to complete the project within time/ budget and to ensure qual-ity.
In a big, intercultural project such as the TGD should be worked in matrix teams (Field and Keller, Project Management, 2004, page 242). In matrix teams will the staff be responsible to the project manager while their functional line manager will be responsible for other aspects of their work such as routine tasks.
Due to the complexity of the TGD are several tools necessary to secure, control, monitor and communicate within the project. A company should be assigned to develop a custom software that monitors the current activities of the working force, the status of progress, the activity of the turbines, security of the dam area and a communication network. E.g. would in the case of an anomaly the system send an alert to the responsible person (engineers, line managers, etc.) and safe all actions in a log. Such a software would enable the project manager

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