Essay Project Management Software : An Effective Approach

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Option 2 - Current/popular project management software and then discuss one of them in detail.
Project management is an effective approach so that systematic completion can be achieved for any project related with IT, software or from any field. There are number of project management software that can help the project managers to enable tracking and completing process as per the defined approach. These set of software ease the life of project manager and drives significant benefits. The current popular project manager software is as follows.
Current popular project management software
There are various project management tools that are available in the market and these tools significantly help project managers to enable ease of work. Some of those tools are as follows.
 Freshdesk: This specific project management software enables better help desk support so as to manage exceptional customer services. This specific software helps manage the conversation with customers and enable easy feedback process. Some of the features of the software including highly integrated ticketing system, better automation and personalized customer services.
 Zoho Projects: the software has more than 15 million users and can be effectively deployed to both large and small business. This software can be applied to any industry and can help deliver better work quality within short span of time. The software help with better project planning, assignment of tasks, it do enable effective…

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