Project Management Roles And Responsibilities

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a. The roles and responsibilities of people. Employing skilled and relevant employees is very critical. This is irrespective of race, gender, and age and other factors, which when brought together into practice lead to customer-based and quality conscious initiative.
Project managers
As afore stated, fundamental role of the project manager is to oversight back-to-back production of the application guided by clients taste and preference. Further, he directs projects team comprising of current team members and contractual personnel. The overall duties include project monitoring, control, and team integration, change integration, and corrective action whenever needed (Berkun, 2008 p. 39). Specifically, the project manager will perform the following roles:
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How phases can facilitate delivery of future phases
Change management plan
The plan will establish the way to accept, monitor and control proposed changes. The change management plan affecting the design and development phrases require analysis, schedule and cost planning. After analysis, if changes are approved by the development team and project manager based on merit, system upgrade will take place. The changes will be tracked resulting to upgrade of the app and update of project documentation (Blokdijk, 2008 p. 18).

h. The impact of the project on stakeholders.
Stakeholders can impact the project output positively or negatively. Thus, during the initiation stage, the stakeholders will be identified. Ignoring the stakeholder’s expectations has adverse impact on the project including delay deliveries. Thus, the project manager will manage the stakeholders influence in connection to project requirement to yield the required output (Eskerod & Jepsen, 2013 p. 43).
Positive influence
• Financial stakeholders will supply the project with such materials suppliers such as computers and development tools.
• The finance and human resource positively influence the project through great financial benefit and

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