Project Management Project Manager Project Essay

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Project Managers Role in Managing of the Scope in each Phase
The scope is the most important document in a project. (Warburton). Work Breakdown Structures: The foundation of project excellence (Norman, Brotherton, and Fried, 2011). The documents involved or created for a project makes it possible for the project manager to manage the project. The project manager does not perform the tasks to complete the project; however, by managing, he ensures the project gets done, hopefully on time and on budget, and at the correct performance level (Lewis, 2006). The scope is said to be most important document but the other documents play important parts as well. The project scope does not define the work or the task or activities that have to be performed every day to complete the project. The project manager has a role in all phases of a project and each presents their own unique challenge.
Project Documents
A project starts out with the charter. It is the document which formally defines the project. In the project charter we find the objectives of the project, the goals, roles and responsibilities. Stakeholders are defined and, the level of authority of the project manager. The charter grants the project manager the authority to spend money! (Warburton and Kanabar 2015)
In the book “Work Breakdown Structures: The foundation of project excellence,” the authors outlines the project documents as the project is planned and developed with “increasing level of detail” (Norman,…

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