Essay about Project Management Plan For Building A Quality Project

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at involves management of time, cost, and performance of activities and tasks. Planning, developing, and implement project activities and tasks require a degree of skill, knowledge, and experience from project management because management organizes the structure of the project based on standards of operation. The project is optimized through effective and efficient management that reaches the competitive edge. The framework to any project is the keys for integrating cost, time, and performance to high quality. There is no such thing as a quick fix. The value of a project is related to the quality of a project. The purpose is to developing tools for monitor and evaluate possible correction for building a quality project from the best possible resources to fulfill the needs. After the estimation of cost and schedule a project status is defined with the support of work packages in a WBS and the utilization of EVM, EVA, control charts, and CM which improves the overall quality of a project as this paper demonstrates through using a remodeling of a GTO as a project.

Planning, developing, and implementing is simplified with the use of the WBS (work breakdown structure) because it adds direction to the effectiveness and efficiency to a projects. WBS is a project’s life cycle structured in a hierarchical form which displays the activities logical to meet the project’s scope. WBS contains the facilitation, estimation, resources requirements, point of control, system…

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