Essay on Project Management Plan For A Project Manager

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In order for a project to be successful the project manager (PM) must have a clear and achievable project objective that has been approved and supported by management. After management has chosen the PM, then the PM can establish a project team and identify the necessary steps in order to meet the customer’s deliverable and meet the objective. “Project scheduling is a critical part of the project planning process that enhances team understanding and perspective, sets and manages expectations, highlights uncertainties, creates a foundation for the monitoring system, and generally helps everyone involved to visualize the action plan” (Brown & Hyer, 2010, p. 231). Our customer required aircraft panels for their plane support activity. The customer contacted the Defense Logistics Agency for the panel. The project was handed off to the product specialist to verify specifications and drawings. Next the supply planners verified the quantity of the panels and if any other facilities required panels; once the quantity was established the project was forwarded to solicit the panel for quotation and eventual award. Once the project has been identified the steps are broken down into work packages to define the requirements. Each work package each reduced into smaller steps in order to schedule each step into an achievable goal. According to Meredith and Mantel (2012) a work breakdown (WBS) manages the project scope simply by breaking down the project into smaller tasks. Once…

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